10 Best Chess Tactics That Every Player Must Know [Advanced Strategies]

10 Best Chess Tactics That Every Player Must Know With Winning Chess Tactics Strategy –

Hello Friends, Welcome Back, Again I Have Come Up With A New Guide On Chess Tactics That You Should Know To Make Your Attack More Dangerous. Hope You Are Enjoying Our Chess Guide And They Are Helping You To Improve Your Chess Skills And Your Knowledge.

So, Are You Looking For Chess TacticsBest Chess Tactics, Winning Chess Tactics OR Chess Tactics For Beginners, Then Here Are A Complete Info Regarding It?

Improve Your Chess By Reading Some of the Chess Books And Practicing It In Your Chess Matches To Gain A Better Position.

Chess Tactics Are Some Short-Term Calculated Sequence Of Chess Moves Resulting In The Checkmate, The Win Of Material, OR Some Other Position Advantage.

You Can Improve Your Chess Skills By Learning Some of the Chess Tactics And Chess Strategies To Have A Better Chess Position In Games That Will Ultimately Leads To Win More Chess Games.

A Lot Of Chess Players Usually makes Some Of the Tactical Mistakes And Ultimately Lose Their Chess Match. You Can Learn Chess Tactics By Practicing A Lot Of Chess Tactics Online OR Reading Some Chess Books To Have A Tactical Mindset.

Firstly You Have To Learn Basic Chess Tactics And Then You Can Also Try Some of the Advanced Chess tactics That Also Contains Some Chess Strategy And Tactics.

Major Benefits Of Chess Tactics

Learning Chess Tactics And Strategies Will Help You To Understand Chess game in A Better Way. There Are A Lot Of Chess Tactics That You Can Use To Win The Chess Game And Can Dominate Over Your Opponents.

But Do You Know There Are A Lot Of Chess Tactics That You Can Apply In Your Games To Win Fast OR Get A Lead In That Game.

Let Me Tell You 5 Major Benefits To Learn Chess Tactics That Would Inspire You To Improve Your Tactical Skills And They Will Also Help You In Developing An Attacking Style.

  • Tactics Improve Your Ability To Visualize.
  • It Also Improves Your Calculation Habits.
  • It Teaches You Various Ways To Destroy Enemy Base.
  • It Improves Your Creativity.
  • It Forces You To Play Chess More Carefully And Improves Your Concentration There.

That’s How Learning Tactics Helps You A Lot To Master Chess Skills. Now Let’s Know All The Chess Tactics.

Basic Chess Tactics For Beginners

As We Have Discussed Above That Chess Tactics Help You To Dominate Your Opponents And Also Reduce Your Mistakes In The Chess Game By Improve Your Level Of Calculation In Chess. You Can Also Improve The Chess Endgame Tactics By Studying Some Books And Solving Positions. There Are 5 Basic Chess Tactics That Every Chess Player Should Know.

There Is A Popular Saying In Chess About A Chess Tactics:

A Pin Is Mightier Than A Sword!

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  • Fool’s Mate: You Can Achieve The Checkmate In Two Moves And Fool’s Mate is The Fastest Way Of Winning A Chess Match. It Is Based On Few Mistakes Of Your Opponent That Will Be Achieved By This Position: 1. f4 e6 2. g4 Qh4# and That’s How You Can Win This Chess Game.
  • Pins: A Pin Is A Powerful Tool That You Can Use To Reduce The Power Of Any Piece. A Pin Is When You can Pin A Piece With Your Piece Behind The More Powerful Piece. You Can Use Your Bishops, Rooks, OR Queens To Pin A Piece.
  • Forks: Fork is A Condition When You Attacks Two Pieces At A Time With Your Single Piece. Every Piece Have A Forking Ability On The Board Even A Small Pawn.
  • Skewer: Skewer Is A Position When You Attacks More Powerful Piece In Front Of Less Powerful Piece. It Is Also Known As The Anti-Pin In Chess. Pieces Who Can Pin Can Also Be A Good Skewer.
  • Discovered Check: Discovered Check Is The Check Given When You Moves The Piece From The Square Between The Attacking Piece And The King.

These are Some of The Basic Tactics That You Can Learn.

Fool’s Mate In Chess

Fool’s Mate is known as the Best Chess Tactics And The Fastest Way To Win Any Chess Match As In This You Can Win a Chess game In Just 2 Moves. Here Is The Pattern For This Amazing Move-

Let’s Take An Example To Know The Fool’s Mate:

This How You Can Use Fool’s Mate With The Beginners But Should Not Rely On It In Your Official Matches As This Would Limit Your Development In Your Openings And Your Queen Would Become An Easy Target For All The Pieces In The Beginning.

Pin Tactics In Chess

The Pin is A Situation in Which You Can’t Move The Attacked Piece Due To A Larger Damage After Moving That. On The Basis Of Damage, Pin have Been Divided In Two Types:-

  • Absolute Pin: The Absolute Pin Is That When The Pinned Piece Can’t Be Moved Due To Check (Illegal Move) And That’s Why It Should Be Avoided As This Piece Could be Further Attacked And Can Be Captured Anytime OR You Can’t Use It Before Removing That Pin On Any Case.
  • Relative Pin: This Pin Is Widely Used Chess Endgame Tactics As In This The Pinned Piece Can’t Be Moved Due To The Larger Damage Than The Pinned Piece, i.e., Knight OR Rook Pinned For The Rook OR Queen. In This A New, Tactical Idea Comes That I Have Used Many Times That Is Called Discovered Attack.

Let’s Take An Example To Explain This Chess Tactics.

This Is Most Common Position For Pin Chess Tactics That Occurs In The Ruy Lopez Opening. In This You Can Attack The Knight By Pushing the d-pawn And Can Also Further Use Your Knight on F3 to Attack Via e5 Square By Eliminating the e5 pawn.

But You Should Be Careful When Using The Relative Pin That Whether The Pin Piece Can Make An Attack OR Not.

Fork Tactics In Chess

There Is Another Powerful And Widely Used Chess Tactics that Is Fork. The Fork is the Tactics In Which A Piece Can Attack Two Pieces At A Time And Only One Can Be Saved. The Fork Could Be Very Dangerous As It Leads To A Serious Material Advantage In A Single Move. Let’s Take An Example To Understand This Chess Tactics.

Fork Chess tactics

Fork Chess tactics

In The Above Position Black Have A Strong Knight In The Center And White Have A Rook In The Seventh File And An Aggressive Knight. As You Can See Here Black’s Knight Attacks The Queen And On The Other Way c7-c6 Move Would Be Very Unpleasant For White As It Would Lose His Knight OR Rook.

Here White Should At First Eliminates Black’s Knight So That White Could Attack With His Rook And Destroy The Castled Position.

So, Here White Looks For The Best Possible Continuation With 1. Rxe5 eliminating The Powerful Knight. After That Black Moved 1… dxe5 and Here Start The Tactical Idea 2. Rd7 Attacking the Queen. Hence Black Can Move His Queen In Two Ways, 2… Qc8 Which Ends With 3. Ne7+ And After 2… Qe8 here We Have The Fork 4. Nf6+.

This How You can Use Forks To Have A Decisive Advantage In Chess.

Skewer Tactics In Chess

Most People Do Not Use these Tactics And It Is Rarely Used By The Chess Players. Skewer Is The Opposite Of Pin Where The Pinned Piece Is Mightier Than The Attacked Piece. Let’s Take An Example To Understand these Chess Tactics.

In The Above Position You Can See That Black Have Attacked The White’s Queen And Skewed The Rook So That He Could Capture Either Rook OR Mighty Queen.

Here I Have Another Same Example For You In Which Skew Have Been Beautifully Used In Order To Gain The Material Advantage.

In The Above Position You Can See That White Have Created Two Passers And Have A Active King With A Supportive Rook. But Can You See the Easiest Way Via Any Chess Tactics To Gain A Decisive Advantage In the Game.

Here White Can Continue With A Skew That Is Rf3+ To Capture The Knight On f8 Square And Ultimately Winning The Match By Sacrificing The Rook For The g-pawn and Queening The d-pawn. This How You Can Find Some Skews In The Game.

Discovered Check

This Chess Tactics Is Widely Used in The Openings And Can Lead To Material Disadvantage That Results In The Loss Of That Game. Discovered Check Is That Attack Over King Made By Removal Of A Piece Between The Attacker And The King. Let’s Take An Example to Understand This.

In The Above Position There Is A Beautiful Mating Pattern That Leads to Mate In 2 By Some Tactical Combinations.

Here White Could Start Attack With 1. Rg6+ (Discovered Check With Bishop), After 1… Qb7 (Forced), White Gives Checkmate Due To A Pin With 2. Rg8#. This How You Can Use The Combination Of Chess Tactics For More Dangerous Attack And Get Better Results In The Chess Tactics.

Advanced Chess Tactics That Players Should Know

Here I Have 5 Advanced Chess Tactics That Chess Players Should Use In Their Games If They Have Mastered The Basic Chess Tactics That We Have Discussed Above.

These Chess Tactics Allow You To Have A Positional Advantage That Can Lead To Have A Piece Advantage After Few Moves. There Are 5 Advanced Chess Tactics That Every Chess Player Should Know.

  • Attraction: These Tactics Occurs When You Forces An Enemy Piece Onto A Square Where It Becomes Vulnerable And Can Be Have An Easy Target For You To Attack On Them With Other Tactical Ideas That We Have Discussed Above.
  • Counter Threat: In This Chess Tactics, When You Attacks A Piece And Instead Of Moving The Threatened Piece, the Player Attacks The Attacking Piece.
  • Decoy: The Decoy Is The Most Wonderful Chess Endgame Tactics In Which You Have To Keep Your Opponent’s Piece Away Where The Player Wants It The Most As It Can’t Be In Two Places At The Same Time.
  • Desperado: This Is the Most Advanced Chess Tactics Where You Sacrificed The Attacked Piece Before Making Another Capture, as This Is the Combination Of Sacrifice And Zwischenzug.
  • Domination: It Is A Condition In Which A Piece Gets Trapped In The Case Where He Has A Lot Of Squares To Move But Can Be Captured On All the Squares.

These Are Some of The Advanced Chess Tactics That You Can Master And Use Them To Dominate Chess Players.

Attraction Chess Tactics

Attraction Chess Tactics is One Of The Most Interesting Chess Tactics You Can Use To Execute Your Idea And Plan. Attraction Is Chess Tactics That Is Used To Bring The Chess Piece To The Target Square. Let’s Take An Example To Understand This More Clearly.

Attraction Chess Tactics
Attraction Chess Tactics

In The Above Position, Black Have A Superb Idea With 1… Rxf4+ 2. Kxf4 and then 2… Bh6+ and then White Would Lose The Rook At c1 And Now Black Have A Material Advantage With This Beautiful Attraction.

Counter Threat Chess Tactics

Counter Threat Chess Tactics Allows You To Have A Domination With An Attack Rather Than A Dependence On The Defense. In Counter Attack, The Player Would Not Save His Attacked Piece But Create A New Attack On The Opposition. Let’s Take An Example To Understand This More Clearly.

In This Above Position, White Attack Black’s Rook With Bb4 But Instead Of Moving The Rook, Black Decided To Create A Counter Attack With Qd4+ and captures White’s Bishop In The Very Next Move.

You Can Use This Counter Attack Tactics Just By Considering The King’s And Most Attackable Pieces Such as Rooks To Attack Upon.

Decoy Chess Tactics

Decoy Is Most Wonderful Chess Endgame Tactics. In Decoy, The Player Creates A Situation With Double Threat And The Defending Piece Can Reach At Only One Place. Let’s Have An Example To Understand This Tactical Idea.

Here In The Above Position White Have Created Two Threats At A Time And Black’s King Could Reach At Only One Place To Stop Only One Pawn.

Here White Moved 1. d6 Kxa5 Now You Can See That Black Can’t Control The d-pawn 2. d7 Kxb6 3. d8(Q). Like This Decoy Can Be Used And Create A good Passed Pawn In The Endgame.

Desperado Chess Tactics

It Is A Combination Of Sacrifice and a Zwischenzug And Can Be Used To Gain A Decisive Advantage In The Position. Desperado is the Type of Intermediate Move That Could Be Played Between Defending Your Piece and Capturing The Opponent Piece. Let’s Take An Example to Explain This Tactical Idea.

In The Above Position, Both The Sides Have Attacked Each Others’ Queen With Their Rooks But Still White Have A Tactical Opportunity To Have An Advantage Here. Here White Can Use The Tactical Idea Of Desperado.

White Could Start With Queen Sacrifice 1. Qxe8+ Rxe8 (forced) 2. Rxb7 (Capturing Back The Queen). As You Can See That This Advanced Chess Tactics Have Given White A Material Advantage.

Domination Chess Tactics

Domination Chess Tactics Clearly Win A Piece And Give You A Material Advantage. In This Domination, The Player Sets The Position In The Way Where The Target Piece Can Move Too A Lot Of Squares But Can Be Captured On All The Squares And Trapped There.

You Can Set The Position To Trap The Piece But Then You Have To Look After The Dominant Move. Let’s Take An Example To Understand The Domination More Clearly.

In The Above Position, You See That White’s Knight Get Trapped And Needs To Attack Using Dominant Move. Here The Dominant Move For White Is Qd3. This How You Can Win Material Using Domination.

These Are Top 10 Chess Tactics That You Can Learn, Master And Apply In Your Games. But How You Would Master Them?

I Have A Superb Idea That Could Make You A Dangerous Tactical Player And These Are Books. In My Previous Articles, I Have Told You About The Benefits of Chess Books. If You Haven’t Read That Then You Can Read It Now And Understand The Benefits of Chess Books.

The Benefits Of Chess Books

Let’s Know Which Chess Books You Should Study To Become A Tactical Chess Player.

Top 3 Chess Books For Tactics

There Are A Lot Of Chess Books That Are Available In Market For Mastering The Tactics, But Here I Have Selected Top 3 Chess Books For Tactics. Here Are These 3 Chess Books:

  • Chess Tactics for Champions By Susan Polgar
  • Play Winning Chess By Yasser Seirawan
  • Logical Chess: Move By Move By Irving Chernev

I Have Also Given You The Direct Links To These Books, So That You Should Not Have To Find Them In The Market. Let’s Know About These Chess Books.

Chess Tactics for Champions By Susan Polgar

Chess Tactics for Champions By Susan Polgar is One of The Basic Books That You Should Read At First To Learn Tactics And Ideas That Generate These Tactics. This Chess Book Teaches You The Use of Tactics, Combinations, And Strategy During The Chess Games Gave You the Critical Advantage That You Will Need Against Your Opponents.

If You Want To Improve Your Chess And Basic Tactics, Then You Should Read This Chess Book And Understand All The Concepts Of This Book. This Book Can Tell You About The Basics of Tactics But Then You Can Proceed To The Advanced Levels.

Play Winning Chess By Yasser Seirawan

Play Winning Chess By Yasser Seirawan Is The Best Chess Books For Tactics That Would Give You An Introduction To The Moves, Strategies, And Philosophy Of Chess That Would Give You A Clear Idea Related To Generating Plans And Executing Your Ideas Through Positional Chess And Tactics.

If You Want To Improve Your Chess And Know How Can You Execute Your Plans Using Chess Tactics, Then You Should Read This Chess Book And Understand All The Core Concepts Of This Book.

Get Your Book Now

Logical Chess: Move By Move By Irving Chernev

Logical Chess: Move By Move By Irving Chernev Is The Best Chess Book If You Want To Learn The Advanced Chess Skills And How To Find Chess Tactics In Critical Position. This Chess Book Teaches You When To Start An AttackHow To Find TacticsHow To Build Strategies To Apply Chess Tactics And Many More To Advanced Levels That Could Make You A Tactical Monster.

If You Want To Improve Your Chess And Know That How And When to Execute Tactics, Then You Should Read This Chess Book And Understand All The Core Concepts Of This Book.


In This Chess Guide, I Have Told You About The 10 Best Chess Tactics That You Should Know And the 3 Best Chess Books To Master These Tactics.

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