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  • History Of Chess: Complete Journey (Origin-21st Century)

    This is an complete history of chess game ranging from its origin to 21st century that makes you clear some of the myths prevailing in our society. Here at first I will tell you about the origin of chess with some of the historical evidences that proves the origin of chess far before the 6th […]

  • Candidates Chess tournament 2020 Resume on Nov 1 | FIDE Announced Today

    Norway Chess 2020 | Magnus Carlsen, Caruana, And Wooden Boards After getting halfway suspend due to Covid-19, International Chess Federation (FIDE) announced the resumption of the Candidates Chess Tournament 2020 From Nov 1, which is a great pleasure for all the chess player. Here at Chess Rulers – Learn Chess and Become Chess Master, We will tell […]

  • 5 Best Chess Opening Moves: Definitive Guide To Opening Moves With White

    Hello Friends, Today we will learn about the 5 best Chess Opening moves that you can play in chess matches. In previous articles, I have told you about the Chess Opening principles that will help you to play the Chess Opening Moves. Let’s Know the names of some of the chess openings that are popular in today’s world and widely […]