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Benefits of Chess

Here I have listed some of the major benefits of the chess game. You will get a lot more benefits in your life even if you don't play the chess like professional chess players. These are some of them:

  • First Benefit

  • Second Benefit

  • third Benefit

  • Fourth Benefit

  • Fifth Benefit

  • Sixth Benefit

  • Seventh Benefit

Raise Your IQ Level

Playing a chess game requires a high IQ level but this can also help you to increase your IQ level as while playing chess you have to do a lot of calculations, have to make good plans, you have to make good chess strategies to make that plan successful.

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Bilingual Content

Here you will get to learn chess in Bilingual in Hindi and English so that all can understand well, Indian and even foreigners.

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Here you will the content in both format, i.e., video and text. This will help you to grab chess strategies better.

Chess Books PDF

Here you will also get to download the chess books PDFs which you can use to read and improve your game.

LIve Chess Match

Here you can also watch the Chess Matches with the expert commentary and get a chance to play with us and feature on our platform live.

Weekend Live 

For our Chess community we are organizing weekly live webinars, where you will get to know about premium chess tips and strategies.

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Here you will get to know about the daily chess news and events that are happening in the chess world directly in your inbox.

Exclusive Content

Here you will get exclusive chess guides made by chess experts where you can learn a lot of new chess strategies.

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Our Chess Experts have Build Premium Chess Training programs. We have World's Top Chess Trainers who Teach you chess.

24*7 Support

We will also provide you 24*7 Support where you can contact in case of any difficulties or having doubts related to your preparation.

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Hindi Blog

Here you will get to read the chess blogs and guides written by chess masters in Hindi language.

English Blog

Here you will get to read the chess blogs and guides written by chess masters in English language.

Hindi Videos

Here you can Watch the chess tips and strategies videos in Hindi Language to understand chess better.

English Videos

Here you can Watch the chess tips and strategies videos to improve your chess and master the game.

ChessRulers TV

Watch the International chess matches with the expert commentary and get master's analysis.

Chess Courses

Want to Improve your chess fast, enroll in training programs by experts who share their chess secrets.

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FAQ's Related to Chess

How Chess Is Good For You?

Chess is very beneficial for you even if you are not playing it on the professional level, as this will improve you memory and IQ. Moreover, I have told you above that it have a lot of health benefits of also, which you can grab if you play chess on the regular basis atleast an hour daily.

1) Develops Logic, Critical Thinking, and Creativity.
2) Increases Concentration & Memory.
3) Develops Problem Solving Skills.
4) Improves Reading Skills.
5) Teaches Planning and Foresight.
6) Engages the mind OFF of screens.
7) Connects You with Others.

How Do I Start Learning Chess?

You can start learning chess if you just started playing chess by following procedure:

  1. Read and memorize all the chess rules.
  2. Read Our chess articles and guides made for chess beginners.
  3. Watch our Video Lectures for better understand of the concept and basic chess tricks.
  4. Memorize all the principles of chess openings.
  5. Learn few basic chess openings for tournament play.
  6. Apply all chess strategies and tips what you have learnt in the practice and tournament chess matches.

How To Learn Chess For Free?

You can learn Chess for Free on ChessRulers. Here is how you can Learn Chess for Free:

  • Read Chess Guides on ChessRulers
  • Watch ChessRulers Chess Guide Videos in your language
  • Watch Live Streaming on the ChessRulers TV
  • Solve Daily Chess Puzzles of ChessRulers or from any other source you get
  • Practice you skills for free by playing chess tournaments on

How Do You Win Chess?

You can win chess by checkmating your opponent's king. Here are some of tips through which you can win the chess game:

  • Make good chess opening moves
  • Avoid too many blunders
  • Always pay attention to your king safety a lot.
  • Build good plans in middlegames
  • Play accurate Endgame moves
  • Don't just Rush chess moves, take time, think and then play your move.

How Can I Win Chess Faster?

You can Win Chess Faster by using the Fool's Mate which allows you to win Chess in just 2 moves by Checkmating your opponent. It can be achieved only by Black, giving Checkmate on the Second move with the Queen. This checkmate is very rare even among the chess beginners.

What is Principle of Opening?

Here are some of the basic principles of chess openings:

  • Develop you chess pieces as soon as possible
  • Build a Strong control on central squares
  • Don't Bring out your Queen too Early
  • Play the openings that match your playing style
  • Don't make too many pawn moves
  • Don't accept the pawn sacrifices that could block your development
  • Never build flank attacks by avoiding center.