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  • Common Chess Mistakes Hacked | Avoid 10+ Chess Tournament Mistakes

    Avoid All the Common Mistakes that you make in Your Chess Tournaments! As Here you will get To know All all of your chess tournament mistakes. Welcome To Chess Rulers – Learn Chess And Become A Chess Master! I am Deepanshu Garg. Have you ever played any Chess tournaments? Play Chess Tournaments Free Of Mistakes If you […]

  • Castling in Chess

    Castling Is The Major Special Move In Chess That Involves The King And Either Of The Rook. In Chess Castling, The Player Can Move Two Moves At The Same Time. In Chess Castling, The King Can Move Two Squares Towards Either Of The Player’s Own Rook And Rook Can Just To The Square Next To King. Castling Can Only Be Done […]

  • 5 Best Chess Endgame Books You Must Read (2021)

    Chess Endgame Books Are Very Necessary To Improve Endgames As This Will Help You To Know Various Lessons And Facts About Chess Endgames. As You Know That Chess Endgame Is A Very Positional As Well As Tactical Part Of The Chess Game. If You Want To Develop Good Endgame Skills, Then Reading Chess Endgame Books Will Be Very Beneficial For You. […]