Candidates Chess tournament 2020 Resume on Nov 1 | FIDE Announced Today

After getting halfway suspend due to Covid-19, International Chess Federation (FIDE) announced the resumption of the Candidates Chess Tournament 2020 From Nov 1, which is a great pleasure for all the chess player.

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FIDE has decided that the Yekaterinburg, the city that had hosted the first round of the Candidates Chess tournament 2020, still remains as the hosting city of this big Chess Tournament, as per the contract.

FIDE has also declared that they had also declared The city of Tbilisi, in Georgia as an alternative for the destination.

In this chess Tournament, we will see the eight of the chess Players compete in the championship to play against the GM Magnus Carlsen in the World Title that will be held in 2021.

Emil Sutovsky, FIDE’s director-general announced that in his official statement, “Apart from Tbilisi, we are also in touch with other potential host cities from several countries where the event could be moved to, in case additional restrictions reappear in Russia and Georgia”.

Information About the Candidates Chess Tournament 2020

Let’s discuss some information about the candidates chess tournament 2020.

Candidates Tournament is one of the oldest chess tournament in the history of chess-like the chess olympiad in which a total of 8 players compete to play against the defending World Chess Champion in the World Title Tournament.

Now, let’s discuss the pairing for the 8th Round of this tournament.

Pairing for The 8th Round

Here Is a pairing for the eighth round of Candidates Tournament.

Sr. No. Player Name with White Country Player Name with Black Country
1. Fabiano Caruana USA Maxime Vachier-Lagr FRA
2. Hao Wang CHN Liren Ding CHN
3. Ian Nepomniachtchi RUS Anish Giri NED
4. Kirill Alekseenko RUS Alexander Grischuk RUS
Pairing For 8th Round of Candidates Tournament 2020

This is the live pairing for the candidates tournament.

Fide president Arkady Dvorkovich said an official statement, “The health and safety measures were very similar to the ones currently being applied at the US Tennis Open and other sporting events, but at the time, all this was uncharted territory”.